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Traditional, 18 Guage Steel

'Til We Meet Again, Arizona offers the finest selection of traditional 18 Gauge Steel Caskets for every families need. 

Our price starts at $1,995 and go down; Funeral homes charge $4,995 and go up.

Save Hundreds of Dollars over the funeral home, with an out of state, Internet sale, You PAY NO TAX!

We Offer Next Day Delivery or 2-3 day ground shipping to meet your service schedule.

WE Have "Over Size" Caskets available: $250 additional; please call for size selections.

It Is Federal Law: Funeral Homes MUST accept our caskets and NOT charge you any extra fees! This cuts your funeral cost by up to 50%.

We have over 200 casket selections for you to choose from, please call and we'll show you a complete listing.


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