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 Grass Markers, Headstones and Monuments at half the price; free shipping to any cemetery.


‘Til We Meet Again, Arizona and the Dawson Monument Company:

We are honored to help you create a lasting tribute to a loved one and celebrate each life.


Dawson Momument has been offering exceptional, high quality memorials at affordable prices since 1880.

Bench Memorials, Bronze Markers, Headstones, Grass Markers, Bevel Markers, Slants Markers,

Upright Monuments and a large variety of Statues offered at reasonable prices. 

Our Georgia Granite is a timeless choice, comes in a variety of colors, is modestly priced and we will work with

you to customize a memorial that fully expresses your loved one’s personality, values, and interests.


Using the latest technology we offer impressive, dignified monuments, grave markers, and

headstones designed to stand out in any cemetery. Whether you select a monument in Granite,

Marble or Bronze, we will work with you to create a design that tells the story of your loved

one’s life.  We will provide you with a computer drawing of the monument before it is created,

and we guarantee that the memorial we have worked together to design, is the memorial we

deliver to you and we proudly guarantee our work.


Pricing: our Flat Grass Markers start at $599.00; Bevel Markers start at $810.00;

Slant Markers at $1,385.00; Up-Right Headstones at $1,405.00; Memorial Benches at $1,900.00

in every color you like, with hundreds of designs to choose from and prices to meet any budget.

There are no hidden charges: All of our orders include FREE Shipping and Handling.


Please call us @ 602-242-6700 so we can help you create the memorial you want for your loved one.




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