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We are Located in PHOENIX: call us at 602-242-6700

Thank you for looking at our on-line store and considering our products.

Our home is PHOENIX............we serve all of America.

We offer FREE ground shipping anywhere in the continental United States...to a funeral home..to your home.

We provide personalized service to each customer; simply call us, we're ready to help!

We offer products not even considered by funeral homes.

For all Customers living in the Valley, we offer the transfer of cremain ash into any purchase; FREE.

We can customize your casket, we can engrave your cremation urn and celebrate your loved one life!

Funeral homes cannot refuse your purchase.

Funeral homes cannot charge you an extra fee for purchasing our products, it is a FEDERAL Law.

Funeral homes do not like us because we can cut your funeral cost by up to 55 - 65%. 

Why pay funeral home prices?

When you buy from a funeral home, you are paying the manufacturer, the distributor, the local funeral home and the funeral home director.

Too many middle men.......Buy Direct and save.

And when funeral homes offer you a package deal, tell them to itemize each product and service offered, in their "deal".

Ask for their official price list.....not their package deal flier...they have to give it to you by the same FEDERAL Law.

This way, you'll know their real prices......allow yourself the ability to purchase exactly what you want.....not what they force you to buy.

By law, you can purchase services from them and quality, customized products from 'Til We Meet Again, Arizona.

Our web site is limited to 500 products, however we carry over 250 caskets, 350 urns, 200 pendants, bracelets and keepsake rings.

Check our LOWER PRICES first!

We welcome your questions......feel free to call us at 602-242-6700.

Together, Let's Celebrate your loved ones Life!

Thank you.

We are Located in PHOENIX: call us at 602-242-6700

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